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Looking After Our Four-Legged Family Members

It often surprises people to hear that our four-legged family members benefit from the same tools as we do! However, anyone who has animals knows how closely we are interlinked. How many times has your four-legged friend come up to you and provided comfort when you are unwell or sad? Itís this connection that plays a part in how we work with animals.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) for animals uses precisely the same technique as for humans but it doesnít always involve tapping on our pet. EFT is a harmless, natural, non-invasive therapy that can help animals heal or overcome anxiety and stress, such as bonfire night, separation anxiety and grief. Like all the tools shared in this article, it should be used in conjunction with, not in place of routine veterinary wellness exams.

Horses, dogs and other animals are unable to communicate their discomfort verbally, so it is only by exhibiting their compromised physical (and sometimes emotional) state that it will become apparent that there is a problem. This is also where EMMETT can be so helpful. EMMETT is a very gentle muscle release technique that can also be used on both animals and humans. Animal conditions that can be successfully treated using EMMETT include injuries from sport or accidents, unbalanced gait, behaviour changes and much more. Owners who have experienced the power of EMMETT, regularly report a more relaxed, supple animal and some go as far as to say the animal seems to have undergone a personality transplant because they are so much happier. As humans we recognise how pain can distort our daily lives and without the benefit of verbal communication, the only way animals can express this discomfort is through behaviour.

Reiki is another tool that animals respond to very well and is often experienced alongside EFT and EMMETT.

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