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It always feels like the year whizzes by! Last year had mixed emotions for many, but the New Year acts as a wise reminder to push that reset button, shift old ways and re-evaluate what we really want from our lives.

There is nothing wrong with new yearís resolutions, itís wonderful to have goals and aspirations, just take a mindful, balanced approach. Make it less about the usual upping of pressure and more about doing whatís right for you. By positively framing our resolutions and adding more of the good stuff to our lives, we are so much more likely to achieve this. Ultimately, being much kinder to ourselves.

Letís think of how we can enrich our lives and up those happiness levels! Make a list of the things that are sure to bring joy and fulfilment to your life. Journaling is a great way to do this, making a list to go up in the kitchen or by your bed. Take the time and really focus, what makes your heart sing? Just the act of writing this will begin to spark positivity and motivation. Releasing what you no longer need in your life, to make space for freshness, wonderful new opportunities and experiences!

The simple things are often so important too, like learning a new skill youíve always wanted to/tea with a friend/time to read a book etc. Then, as the year goes on, schedule those moments of self-care and exploration in your diary or calendar. Set that dedicated time for you, adding joy to your daily life. Treat these moments as true gifts to yourself and your self-development. Enjoy your happy lists!

Kindest wishes for a new year with many happy moments, Lisa x

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