Terms and Conditions Terms and Conditions (of Business) Applies to both advertisers and customers visiting our site.

Please read through our terms and conditions carefully. By advertising with us you automatically have agreed to reading our terms and conditions located in the root and branch Advertising pack.

We are an advertising platform for wholesome living. We offer online advertising and issue bimonthly paper copy magazines

Services and Enquiries for advertisers and visiting customers

Whilst we do talk directly to all services advertising in the root and branch magazine we take no responsibility nor accept liability for any enquiries or issues that may arise between an advertiser and any customers. Whist we endeavor to work along side carefully chosen
well-being services we take no responsibility nor accept liability for any issues or disputes that may arise between any customer and advertiser. Any reservations/bookings for the provision of services or the like following on or resulting from any advertisement being accepted and placed in the root and branch magazine and website shall be a direct relationship between the advertiser and the customer and no business or concern of ours, and for the avoidance of doubt we shall not become involved in any dispute or difference which may arise between an advertiser and a customer.

When advertising your service in the root and branch magazine clear and concise information along with good quality photographs is required. Please Email sales@rootandbranchmagazine.co.uk for a copy of our advertising pack.

Full payment is required before your service goes live onto our site and into our magazine.

Advertisers and visiting customers

We require to record and store certain personal information such as home/business address, phone numbers, email address and social media links. In addition, when advertising your service in the root and branch magazine you agree to your personal contact information being shared via our website and magazine for customers to contact you direct. We will not contact you regarding any other matter. Your personal information will not otherwise be shared with third parties other-than with customers and the root and branch team. Likewise when visiting our site we may retain some of your contact details for further contact to share our service with you.

When marketing your service across our social media platforms please note that we cannot take responsibility for any issues that may arise from hacking of personal data which relates to your service or illegal acts that may arise outwith our control.

It is important to us that we offer a friendly and professionally service at all times we therefore kindly ask all of our customers to respond promptly to any enquiries relating to their service within a timely manner of receiving an enquiry. Should it come to our notice that you are failing to meet good response times, we reserve the right to remove your service from our social media platforms with immediate effect and with no requirement for any advertising fees to be refunded to you.

All adverts will go direct to the root and branch for entry onto the site and magazine. You cannot enter your advert onto our website without our permission.

All adverts are automatically entered onto the root and branch website and advertised in our magazine every two months. However, occasionally technology and other issues can arise which are out of our control, and we therefore ask for your patience during these times.

Should you have any enquiries about our services please email the root and branch direct and one of our team members will get back to you shortly. Email - sales@rootandbranchmagazine.co.uk

Thank you for taking the time to read through our Terms and Conditions.

The root and branch team

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